Neega Blackice

The Strongest of The Blackice


The Half-orc Fighter that joined the party midway through their adventure in Polari. Headstrong and reckless, Neega is the type of person that is willing to talk her way out of a situation, but would much prefer to fight first and talk later. In Battle, she currently wears armor made from an earth elemental, with similar density to splint armor.This armor allows not only for a shield to be attached to its bracer, but it also uses illusions to make itself apear however Neega wishes it to (AC=20). Though she can wield just about any weapon, her favored weapons are the Greataxe and Battleaxe. While wielding a battleaxe, she often carries a shield in her free hand, giving her more defensive options in combat.(AC+shield=18). She stands at 5’5", and weighs 155 lbs, which is kind of short for a half-orc. Her curvy stature makes it appear as if she inherited more human traits than orcish traits, but she has the trademark ‘tusks’ most half-orcs have. Through a combination of her upbringing and genetics, Neega is the epitome of physical Strength. After finding a guide to increasing strength, she has pushed herself beyond her previous limits. With the aid of the belt of giant’s strength, she rivals the mightiest of storm giants. (Str=22/29). Though she is strong, she is surprisingly agile as well, which is helped by her lithe stature (Dex=14). Along with this, she is able to take large amounts of punishment in combat, and get back up for more (Con=18). The stereotype for half-orcs is that they are strong but stupid, a stereotype that she technically defies, but her rashness makes others see her as that stereotype. Recently, she has spent enough time around the rest of her party to pick up a few languages that they speak, namely Draconic and Infernal. She has also learned Deep Speech, should it come in handy (Int=12). But, no person in this world is perfect. Because she lacks worldly experience, she assumes that everybody is truthful and honorable, and as it applies to herself, she believes that there is no such thing as a bad idea. Spending time travelling with the party has made her wiser, but her judgement is still nothing to write home about. (Wis=10). Despite the stereotype of half-orcs, She is surprisingly good with other people. She has a soft spot for the young, and can handle herself fairly decently when dealing with the elite of society, provided nobles don’t insult her. While she is not the life of parties, those that talk to her for extended periods of time grow fond of her(Cha=12).


“So…you want to know my story huh? Fine. I shall regale you with my tale, but you have to buy the next round of mead. I don’t like to repeat myself so listen, and listen good. I’ll start with a simple introduction. I am Neega Blackice, the Strongest of the Blackice. Who are the Blackice? Why am I the Strongest of them? I’ll get to that later. Anyway, I was born in the Fortress City of the Blackice Clan, Barafu. My father was a prominent member of the clan, known for both his skills in combat and his odd taste in women. My mother was an orc woman that he took a liking to. He wasn’t going to let his child be raised by an orc tribe, so he kidnapped my mother and took her to Barafu. When I was about four, I learned that I wasn’t my father’s only child. I had a brother named Kuric. When I met him, he was about twice my age. He was already in training to become a Wizard of the clan…something I attributed to him being human. We never really got along, but we never hated each other either. While he trained to become a mage, the clan would train me to become a warrior. Because of that and the clan as a whole raising us, we never interacted much. I suppose it was for the better though…he always looked down on me for being unable to wield magic. Ever since I was young, I trained to be a soldier of the Blackice Clan. To that end, they instilled in me a sharp discipline, and a rigid code of honor. That code turned me into the woman you see before you now. But here’s where I’m going to backtrack a bit. The reason I’m an adventurer and currently not a loyal Blackice mercenery is because of my sister, Shaena. When I was five, my father brought a pregnant elf to the Stronghold, in order to have a kid. This time, it was a half-elf girl. Her mother named her Ari after a human that she was close to. I can still remember that day clearly. I got to hold my baby sister. In hindsight, that day was symbolic of our future. As we both grew up, it became clear that Ari didn’t quite have what it took to be a true Blackice. We were supposed to be strong, yet Ari had no desire to learn brutality. We were supposed to be merciless, yet she was always gentle. She always looked to me for protection, and because she was my sister, I always defended her. We grew closer, and while AI didn’t think of this at the time, Kuric remained distant. Things changed when we got closer to adulthood. While Ari and I remained close, Kuric changed. He was always a jerk, but he seemed fixated on Ari. His eyes were the worst part. I overheard him constantly say he hated her, but whenever he would look at her, his eyes had a strange desire. it was as if he wanted her to be his lover, not his sister. She was naturally beautiful, being a half-elf and everything, but she was our sister. I guess he knew that while I was around, he couldn’t have her, and he eventually gave up…or so it seemed. I’ll get to that later. His obsession didn’t really cause problems until after I returned from Polari.

The Polari menace

“Oh…speaking of Polari… So on my 22nd birthday, I was going to be made a full fledged soldier of the Clan That status came with plenty of perks as long as I lived in Barafu. But, before I would be accepted, I had to complete a trial. I wanted Ari to have that status also, so the elders arranged for it. I was to complete two trials, in order to make myself and Ari true Blackice Clan members. I was to not only survive on my own in the frozen lands of the North, but I was also to prove my strength by killing at least three creatures, and taking a trophy from each creature I killed, as our code dictates. Without hesitation, I headed up north. I aimlessly wandered, until I ended up in a labyrinth where three Minotaurs lived. I bravely took the beasts on, but they got the upper hand. However, I managed to cut..‘something’ off of one of them, and assuming it would bleed out, i took my trophy, and ran. But I soon got lost in the massive labyrinth. Fortunately, an elf named Pellian also happened to be lost. After I ran into him, one of the Minotaurs found us, and together, we killed it. It was then that Pellian introduced me to his companians, Visenya and Duessa, and I got myself involved in their quest to save…Syra…Senya…Sura…Sura Natalis. After staying with a silver dragon, fighting modrons, and Duessa apparently being disowned, we managed to save the day. Duessa and Visenya decided to stay in Polari, while Pellian went back to his Monestary and I would return to Barafu.”

Within the Time Skip

“But when i returned to Barafu…things would end up getting worse. I returned successful in my trials, and as a result, both Ari and I were given full membership into the clan. While i was gone, Kuric had slowly been gaining more influence among the higher-ups. He’d apparently been able to keep his obsession with Ari in check, because she told me he stayed away from her, and only spoke to her if necessary. We lived our first year without any troubles, but during the second year since saving Sura Natalis, the trouble happened. Kuric disappeared for months…which was fine with me. The Elders noticed that more and more of the soldiers, mages, and clerics began to look to Kuric for guidance, rather than them. This unnerved them, because it seemed like something big was going to happen. And they weren’t wrong. On a strangely beautiful day…the kind of day that was perfect, a gigantic blue dragon, flew over Barafu, and with its powerful lightning breath, destroyed the temple that the elders resided in. I was shocked to see that Kuric was on top of the dragon. It was then that he made this declaration. “From this day forth, The Blackice Clan will no longer keep to itself. In exchange for our servitude to him, this Blue Dragon, Borbathuur the Storm, has promised to not only make me the new leader of this clan, but to make us a true nation of our own. Bow down to your new leader.” And with those words, The Blackice Clan was his to control. We were no longer a mercenary clan, we were soldiers of a rising tyrant. Our clan always had an inclination towards evil, but as far as other kingdoms were concerned, we were just a loose group of solders that kept to themselves. Under Kuric, the Blackice clan could potentially be a nationwide threat. Ari overheard Kuric talking to somebody, and he said that if he couldn’t have Ari as a sister-bride, then he would kill her. But not just kill her. He would sacrifice her, so that he could obtain some kind of power. When she told me this, i decided to save her. And I would do so by sneaking her out of barafu, and running away from the clan. I knew Kuric would send people to search for Ari, and if they did find her, I’d kill them. That night, we escaped the Fortress city, and lived on the run for another two years. Eventually, I hid her in a large city…I forced myself to forget the name of it…but it’s somewhere towards the west. I decided that I would solve this problem myself. First, I’d kill the dragon…then defeat and more than likely kill Kuric. I trekked to the desert, and happened to get lucky. I stumbled upon Borbathuur’s lair, but before I could even get the chance to challenge the dragon, I was overwhelmed by legions of his minions. Left for dead, I was saved by a caravan traveling through the area, and brought to a small town. After I recovered, I got a idea. I couldn’t defeat the dragon by myself, but I knew two people in Polari that could help. Visenya and Duessa both helped me fight a dragon before…and I could probably convince them to help me again. After all, we’d saved Sura Natalis together. I used to say that I was the strongest of the Blackice as a taunt…a boast of my physical strength. But now, I’m determined. For Shaena’s sake, I will truly become the Strongest of the Blackice. I’m a traitor now, i became one when I chose my sister over the Clan. However, I will truly become the strongest of the Blackice. And the strong protect the ones they care about. I will be the strongest, even if I have to kill the others to prove it. Now…about that mead?"

Neega Blackice

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