Pellian Nailo

A sometimes hot-headed monk looking for his family


6’1", 140 pounds, 238 years old. Bronze skin, black hair, and Grey-tinted Golden eyes. Pellian, while long and slender, has always been light on his feet and quick to react to a situation with a cool head and quick judgement, but sometimes his emotions get the better of him. His quick mind sometimes make him need speedy solutions to problems when others might need more time. His frustration sometimes leads to snap decisions that often don’t play out how he wants them to.

As a monk, Pellian both defends (AC=15) and attacks with his hands. As a lighter monk, however, he can only take so many direct hits (Con= 10). As an elf of 238 years and as a monk for most of that, Pellian has come across many thing in the world (Int=16) and is able to quickly comprehend many things about them (Wis=15). With all his agility comes a slight detriment to his brute force (Str= 12), and while he understands a vast variety of concepts in the world, social interractions are not one (Cha= 8). While his social skills may be lacking, he’ll go to great lengths to protect his friends, family, and faith.

Much of his social faltering comes from his almost blind devotion to his monastery. He quotes texts and proverbs to describe almost any situation. His dedication is borderlines the insane, as he becomes obsessed with whatever goal he sets for himself. He will do anything to protect his home on Mt Pyroas because he was taught to believe that what the monks there do was for the good of all.

His intelligence and devotion to whatever he sets his mind to has led him to know 5 different languages, including Common, Elvish, Draconic, Giant, and Dwarvish.



Lindtham & Raasha Nailo- Lindtham and his wife, Raasha, former residents of the Ionian capital city, Ahrrindia, left the capital to move to the much quieter Amethias. A simple blacksmith and his wife an apothecary, they set out after they came to the conclusion that the people of the capital were too stuffy. Choosing Amethias after hearing tales of the great hero who quelled the volcanoes rage, he and his wife decided to start a family in their new home. They bore two sons, the oldest being named for the ancient hero and the younger after an ancestor of theirs who was storied to have helped build Amethias with the hero. It was rumored that after both of their sons were sent to the monastery on Mt. Pyroas, they birthed a baby girl. Nobody knows for sure, because around that time, they were attacked and supposedly killed by Moon Monks on a trip to the capital to sell good.

Rahammath Nailo- Former Head of the Pyroan Monks. Led the conversion of Pyroas to the Way of the Shadow and the slaughter at the Pyroan monastery. Location currently unknown

Valindra Nailo: Unbeknownst to Pellian for a long time, his parents bore a younger sister. Rumor has reached his ear about her that she resides in the Ionian capital with his estranged grandfather and King, Raenor, though her whereabouts are currently unknown.


As a child Pellian was sent to the monastery on Mt Pyroas to become a monk. While he was there, he trained under the head monk, Urden Redcross. Throughout his years there, Pellian was taught to control the four elements. To control all four element was to control the balance within one’s self and within the world. Such was the way of the Pyroan monks. Urden saw much promise in Pellian from a young age and was going to send him to train with the dragons of Goldoa. When Pyroan monks show either much talent, skill,, dedication, or any combination of the three, they’re sent to train with the dragons in order to learn how to feel when Mt. Pyroas is getting ready to erupt and to hold back the fires that spill forth. Many monks that journey to Goldoa even stay with a dragon companion in their time there. The most adept more often than not return to become the head monks of the monastery. These are determined by fire duels upon their return with the current head monks. Pellian, however, became the one exception. The night after Pellian finished learning Draconic from Urden, the monastery was raided by a horde of Moon monks. Fighting broke out and turned into a massacre in the Moon Monks favor. Scared out of his mind, Pellian cowered in a corner of the main hall as one of the assailants closed in on him. Suddenly, Urden appeared in a sudden blazed, fire stretching from his arms. He fought the servents of the Moon back, but they were too many. Just as dawn was breaking, one of the assassins landed a poisoned dagger between Urden’s shoulder blades. The man who Pellian assumed to be their leader said, “Hecate is satisfied for now. May the Moon always shine bright”. The remnants of the Moon monks fled, and with his dying breath, Urden told Pellian that he is to be the new head monk. At Urden’s funeral, Elemental monks for all over the world gathered to mourn the loss of the Hand of Fire, and to acknowledge the coming of the new head of the Pyroan monks. Pellian did as his master told him and took over. He ran things on Pyroas just as he was taught, only he never visited Goldoa. He created and mastered a more nimble style of fighting, less reliant on his elemental capabilities. He kept it to himself however, until one day, a messenger came with a familiar face. His brother, Rahammath. Pellian quickly noticed that his brother had even more elemental aptitude that he himself had as a child. A few years after Rahammath arrived, Pellian received an urgent message, telling him that his parents had been attacked and were assumed to be dead. Pellian locked himself in his chambers for weeks and eventually only came out when he felt tremors from the mountain. He hurried out quickly to assist his monks as they gathered at the mouth of the summit. They pushed back the fires for 3 days and nights. After they finished, Pellian told Rahammath that he was going to begin teaching him Draconic in preparation for Goldoa. Amidst his mixed emotions at the loss of his parents, Pellian worked with Rahammath day and night, teaching him the essentials of survival on the mountain. When asked of his experience with the dragons, Pellian simply shrugged off the question and moved on. Upon Rahammath’s return from his two years of training, the brothers ahd a fire duel. IN a clash like none had seen since the founding of the Pyroan monks, Pellian prvailed. However, he told his brother that he had received a tip that their parents might still be alive and that Rahammath would still be the new head monk. The tip pointed to the northern town of Polari. Shivering before he even left at the thought of such a cold place, Pellian packed his gear, and left.

4 Year Time Lapse
Upon completing the quest to save Sura Natalis, Pellian returned to his original objective to find his parents. Returning to Polari, he received a lead that pointed him to his homeland in the south, Ionia. More specifically, a town on the northwestern edge of the Infellian desert. Before departing from the north, Pellian spent a year with his pegasus friend, Gaius, in hopes that spending time amongst the pegasi would provide a substitute for never having gone to Goldoa. While Pellian DID gain some level of mastery over air, he never met an Elemental to learn the language of his specific element. As his former companion, the training done with Gauis and his fellow pegasi proved to be very useful, as it made Pellian much more agile than he was before. After a year spent with him, Pellian heavy heartidly bid farwell to his friend and continued south. Upon reaching the oasis just north of the desert, he discovered that a caravan of blacksmiths were crossing the desert headed south. Pellian supplied himself with plenty of water and sent out with a band of other Elemental monks headed to Pyroas. Upon reaching Amethias, Pellian received word from the townspeople that catastrophe had befallen the monastery. He rushed as quickly as he could only to find a building in shables. Bodies wrought everywhere. a few lone survivors told him a tale of how his brother had begun to divert from the path of balance into the Way of the Shadow. They had heard he had last been seen with his followers headed north to Polari. At a crossroads between looking for his parents and finding his brother, Pellian began heading north with great haste to find some answers.

Pellian Nailo

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