Visenya Starsong

A drow cleric of Torm, not Lolth


Visenya is 374 years old, has a height of 5’8", a weight of 165 lbs, obsidian skin, white hair, and lilac eyes. She has a muscular build from a lifetime in the military and matronly hips. She has a heavily scarred face and is missing her left arm from the elbow down. She can speak Elvish and Undercommon in addition to Common. Despite a lifetime of living on the surface, her drow heritage makes her eyes very sensitive to light, but she is able to ignore it most of the time, thanks to years of practice.

Even though she is a cleric, Visenya keeps her body combat ready (Str 15, Athletics + 7) because her experience on the field of battle has taught her that her allies can’t always fight for her. She has a hearty physique (Con 18) that can take most anything that is thrown at her, but her movements are slow and clumsy (Dex 10) despite her elven ancestry. Visenya was never interested in academia (Int 10), but her long and eventful life has taught her many lessons (Wis 18), making her very perceptive (+ 9) and insightful (+ 9). She is, of course, especially knowledgeable in the study of medicine (+ 9). She is always willing to solve matters peacefully (Chr 14), and she is not above using intimidation (+ 7) to do so.

Visenya uses a quarterstaff when she has to hit things, though she doesn’t have very good aim. She wears heavy plate armor and a tower shield (AC 22) to keep herself alive, so she can keep her allies alive. She is at her most useful when she casts spells, either to aid her comrades or smite her enemies.


Early Life

Like most drow, Visenya was born in the Underdark, but she has lived most of her life on the surface. Her older brother, Velaryn, was the firstborn male of their noble house, and trained to be a talented wizard. He had some trouble fitting in the scheming lifestyle of the drow, and gained an unusual interest in astronomy, a useless and heretical field in drow society. When his youngest sister, Visenya, was born, Velaryn resolved to prevent her corruption into a cruel priestess of Lolth, like his older sisters had become. On the night before she would have been sent to be trained as cleric, Velaryn took Visenya and left the Underdark for good, taking the name “Starsong.”

Velaryn and Visenya led peaceful lives in the surface city of Parindon despite constantly being assumed to be evil by their neighbors. Velaryn pushed Visenya to behave as moral and kind as possible to others in defiance of their judgments, and she tried her best to live up to his expectations. However, being pressured by fearful strangers and her brother’s rigid expectations, lead Visenya to decide to find a different, easier life in the Underdark with her noble house. After a grueling journey to the city of her birth, she found that her mother and sister wanted only to kill her for Lolth, and she narrowly escaped with her life. When Visenya returned home, she promised to Velaryn that she would never return to the Underdark.

Family and Relationships

Visenya was raised entirely by Velaryn once they left the Underdark. He hoped to find work researching astronomy while on the surface, but few people in that field were willing to hire a drow. For many decades, he got by taking odd jobs before finally building up enough of a good reputation to get a decent job teaching. Visenya is greatful to her brother for all he went through to give her a good life, but their differing views on moral behavior has left their relationship strained. She had not spoken to Velaryn for nearly three decades when she first reached Polari.

All Visenya knows about her family still in the Underdark— a mother, father, and three sisters — is that they would sacrifice both her and her brother to Lolth given the chance.

While inebriated, Visenya will sometimes pensively sigh about someone named Nalros Crysoniar, but no matter how drunk she is, she never reveals anything more than that he was a fellow drow in her company during her days in the military.

Pre-adventuring Life and Call to Adventure

When she reached adulthood, Visenya decided to become a cleric of Torm, god of courage and sacrifice, and joined the Parindon army as a medic, vowing to save as many lives as possible. She took great joy in keeping her comrades safe and would generously cure civilians of their ailments free of charge. However, things rarely stay peaceful around armies. Years of brutal, savage combat killed and disfigured many people that Visenya was responsible for, and the weight of the suffering she was unable to alleviate wore her idealism down to indifference.

During the events of the Maze Games, it was revealed that Visenya deserted the Parindon military after seemingly her entire unit had died. She headed north to get as far away from her old life as she could. Hoping she could atone for her failures, Visenya resolved to use her skills learned in war to save individuals, or at least die trying.

The life of an adventurer suits Visenya much better. Traveling in a party of four has allowed her to develop a close bond with others who have learned to not question her based on her race (especially since 2 are a half-orc and a tiefling), and she can focus her healing abilities on a manageable number of people.

The Quest to Save Sura Natalis

While on the quest to save Sura Natalis, Visenya found inner peace and rediscovered her faith. Her goal was simple, and her cause was clearly moral, unlike anything she had done while in the Parindon army. She was easily able to keep her small group alive, and for the first time in many years, she had friends.

The life of an adventurer isn’t without casualties, however. Visenya feels partially responsible for Jareth’s death in the fight with Hector. She regrets not leaving Pellian and Neega to fight Hector to do her real job of healing her allies. It’s a mistake she vowed to never repeat.

Visenya had an unexpected spiritual rediscovery when the party returned Hector’s body to Masai. While searching through Masai’s hoard for a mundane vase, Pellian found a unique item: a rod of True Resurrection. Because she is a cleric, Visenya was able to attune to the item and bring Hector back to life whole from the remnants of his corpse. She had never seen such healing power, and now aspires to earn it herself.

After being declared as one of the Saviors of Sura Natalis, Visenya proudly accepted the property in Polari she was given and decided to stay. After all, she had nowhere else she could go.

The 4 Years after Sura Natalis

During the years following her first quest, Visenya got the closest she’d ever been to settling down. She took odd jobs for a modest income, healed the villagers for free, and would advise Duessa on commoner life.

Occasionally, Visenya took bigger jobs to insure the safety of Polari. The most dangerous one was dealing with a crazy high elf necromancer. She mistakenly thought she killed him once, but nearly a year later he showed up and exacted vengeance by disfiguring her face and damaging her left eye, mirroring the disfigurement she left on him. Once he was satisfied, he left her for dead, taking her Rod of Resurrection as a trophy. Visenya was able to repair most of the damage the necromancer had left, but some stubborn scars stayed and her eye was never the same. She had many scars from her time as a soldier, but these new crooked ones on her face gave her an even more frightening appearance, thanks to her Drow heritage. While Visenya is no stranger to violent confrontations, the personal nature of this encounter has caused her to become on edge, awaiting the necromancer’s next visit…

Mysterious Box Quest

Unable to go anywhere but down after saving Not Christmas, Visenya helps deliver an empty box for a lisping dude named Vaginas.

Visenya Starsong

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