The Dawn of Darkness

The party is being lead to Ionia by Neega’s magic sister-finding map.

-For some reason, they head to Azamar to find a shortcut (maybe stopped by Jodellar first?)

-There they find Danny Devito, who leads them to the Underdark and sends them on the shortcut with the power of big balls

-The party goes through a city and gets cursed items and meets Bergil, who tells them the legend of One Eyed King

-They travel through the desert and BEAT THE FUCK out of that bitch ass Deva, but then a Planetar shows up and takes the sun

-Pelian and then the rest go into a pyramid and get trapped in a mirror. There’s a sphinx that puts the party through trials

<—-TO BE CONTINUED…—-|-\-||

The Dawn of Darkness

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